6 best beaches in hoi an + tips for best beach resorts

Hoi An is a tourist hotspot, thanks lớn its authentic looking streets và striking yellow buildings. But it’s the proximity khổng lồ some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that makes it such an attractive place to lớn visit. Let Culture Trip guide you through the best of Hoi An’s coast.

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Hoi An might be the most picturesque spot in all of Vietphái nam, its preserved ancient houses, winding rivers and endless traditional lanterns giving it an almost Disney-lượt thích chất lượng as the Asian thành phố many dream about. But most forget that its shoreline setting contributes heavily khổng lồ that vibe, with some of the most stunning beaches in all of central Vietnam giới.

From rough-and-ready spots crowded with backpackers, lớn simple và serene locations where only locals go; all the way through khổng lồ luxe pháo finds at the far ends, closed-off by resorts, we’re giving you the inside scoop on Hoi An’s best beaches, how you can access them and where khổng lồ spkết thúc your time.

The tourist beach. The các buổi tiệc nhỏ beach. The late-night beach. An Bang has been called lots of things over the years, but there’s no denying it’s also Hoi An’s most popular và one of the best around. With golden sands that spread for miles, An Bang is one of the few that’s rarely faced erosion issues; và while its waters can be a little murky, they’re decent enough for a bracing swlặng or two.


An Bang can get crowded of course – but with good reason, the beach holds the vast majority of Hoi An’s coastal bars, restaurants and homestays. Grab a towel and lay out for free among mỏi last night’s recovering backpackers, or splash out at a fancy seaside establishment – we’re big fans of Shore Club, a Bali-lượt thích spot with unique cocktails, daybeds & a little pool.

The southern end of An Bang might technically be part of the same beach, but it almost feels lượt thích a different world altogether – its sands softer, its waters less choppy & the whole affair generally more sedate compared lớn other parts of Hoi An. And while the increasing number of beach bars along its shores are starting lớn change all that, they’re balanced out by homestay spots và local restaurants, ensuring the charm won’t completely die anytime soon.

For a seaside glimpse at how chilled it really is, drop into Salt Pub, an Aussie-run beach bar where the beers are ice-cold, there’s great seafood và even better views. Rent a surfboard from the pub và hit the waves, An Bang South is one of the best spots to lớn catch some surf around these parts.

Da Nang’s beaches are easily some of Vietnam’s best và there’s an argument lớn be made that their wide frontages và white sands make them better than Hoi An’s. For the best of both, head up khổng lồ Ha My beach, north of An Bang, a pristine slice of beach that has all the wonderment of Da Nang’s shores, but is set within Hoi An’s đô thị limits.

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But the secret’s out though, và the lavish Four Seasons Resort has staked large claims to the strip, to the dismay of locals and visitors. Worry not though, right next door to lớn the compound-like resort is Le Belhamy, a dễ thương little boutique khách sạn styled after the Indochine period, with rooms for as little as $50 a night, & – best of all – sharing the same wide White sands and clear waters as its exclusive neighbour.

Resort after resort, Cua Dai stretches for miles along the southern end of Hoi An’s coast. Its luxe cộ offerings are exactly where you’d expect people to lớn tia laze by the water và order endless cocktails & cheeseburgers. But it’s not without a sense of irony as many of the far-south resorts suffer from erosion & all but seeing their so-called “Beach Resorts” turned overnight inlớn “Waterfront Resorts”.


Still, with its few private beaches và pure sands, Cua Dai is still a wonder to lớn behold – when you can behold it, that is. And far from what most people assume, it’s not off-limits khổng lồ everyone but the ultra-rich, you just have to lớn know where to lớn dive sầu in. The chic Palm Garden Resort, where a $10 day pass gives entrance lớn its private beach as well as an epic pool, is a good place lớn start.

Hidden Beach’s name is a bit of a misnomer, although it was probably ‘hidden’ from the hoards at one point. Set just past An Bang, right before the shoreline starts to lớn be dominated by major resorts, it’s a chilled affair where local restaurants & pared-baông xã bars dominate, frequented by locals escaping from the thronging tourists và in-the-know expats in search of some peace.

Here, it’s nothing but pure sands plus a couple of fishermen on the horizon – the tranquil escape you’ve long been looking for. Some say it got its name from the Hidden Beach Restaurant, although it was probably the other way around. It’s a great place khổng lồ spkết thúc the day, featuring deliciously affordable local food, alongside không lấy phí sun loungers và a day spa làm đẹp for extra relaxation.

South of Hoi An và a drive over the bridge, Binh Minc translates as ‘sunrise’, và it’s easy to lớn see why. Its stunning Trắng sands và crystal blue waters shining almost iridescently early in the morning. Stretching out for over three solid kilometres, it’s a striking affair, almost deserted at all hours of the day, giving you the feeling of having the entire shoreline all to lớn yourself.

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But keep in mind, the drawback is that there’s really not much around with only a few bungalows phối close lớn the shore và a series of makeshift restaurants serving up Vietnamese soup noodles & banh mis. If you’re looking for a little slice of luxury among mỏi it all, head up to the Vinpearl Resort at its northern tip, frequented by golfers on holiday but also with a decent enough bar và restaurant for you to Laser away the days.

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