Intel increases vietnam chip investment by nearly 50%

HO CHI MINH CITY -- U.S. chipmaker Intelinjected$475 million into lớn its Vietphái nam division, its biggest chip assembly and testing site globally, even as the company looks mix to outsource more production and risks being eclipsed by the more advanced giải pháp công nghệ of rivals.

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Intel Products Vietnam giới used the funds, a nearly một nửa increase from previous investments,to manufacture 5G products & core processors, the company said Wednesday. The expansion was to helpit "take on more complex technologies" & diversify beyond the central processing units at the heart of its business, Hãng sản xuất Intel said.

Separately the U.S. semiconductor giant has said it is likely khổng lồ tap third parties lớn manufacture more products in the next few years. reported that these partners include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which has developed 5-nanometer chips, the industry"s most advanced. TSMC has been in talks with Intel on at least five projects for possible outsourcing, has learned.

Intel has long kept most production in-house but has struggled to lớn maintain its technological edge, including with the delay of its 7-nanometer chips.

Vietphái mạnh has become an increasingly important part of the tech supply chain, with companies from Samsung Electronics to lớn Apple supplier Pegatron relocating from Đài Loan Trung Quốc in recent years amid rising costs & trade and geopolitical risks.

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Intel has poured $1 billion into lớn the Southeast phukienotocaocap.comn country since 2006 và madethe additional $475 million investment overthe past 17 months.

That became an advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic, when neighboring economies shut down but Vietphái nam remained mostly open, allowing Intel to lớn increase production volume by 30% in the first half of 20trăng tròn versus the year-earlier period.

"As of the over of 2020, Hãng sản xuất Intel Products Vietphái mạnh has shipped more than 2 billion units lớn customers worldwide," said general manager Kyên ổn Huat Ooi. "We"re very proud of this milestone, which shows both how important IPV is lớn helping Hãng Intel meet the needs of its customers all around the world, & why we continue to lớn invest in our facilities and team here in Vietphái nam."

The plants in Vietphái nam make Intel"s 10th-generation core processors and another made with 3 chiều stacking technology. Hãng Intel bills itself as the largest U.S. high-tech investor in the communist country, though local workers mainly bởi assembly & testing.

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For more advanced kiến thiết and manufacturingit may turn khổng lồ Taiwan"s TSMC, which already makes Hãng sản xuất Intel graphics processors & modems. The lachạy thử negotiations center on products including laptops, servers, and edge-computing devices. Intel is also in talks to lớn outsource some production to lớn Samsung Electronics.

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