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As the apparel industry takes steps towards sustainability, one aspect remains largely overlooked: The Dyeing process. Until now. CleanDye offers retailers the opportunity lớn introduce waterless dyed & process-chemical-miễn phí garments in their collection. We are offering tailor-made private label collections. CleanDye is phối khổng lồ become the industry standard in sustainably dyed textiles.

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Description of work assignments: as per Job mô tả tìm kiếm attached khổng lồ this Contract and assigned by Superiors.In the role of Logistic cum purchasing officer, your duties & responsibilities include, but are not limited to lớn the following:- Declare the customs declaration (import và export customs declaration);- Work with local authorities like Customs Department, …;- Work và negotiate with Customs Clearance Agents khổng lồ guarantee cost efficiency;- Responsible for all related documents, procedures, process in receiving shipment on time efficiently.- Deal with all issue related to import-export activities.- Other duties as assigned by CEO.
1. Create/modify/translate documents/letters as requested2. In charge of immigration procedures for guests (if any): visa, work permit, residence card3. Report lớn relevant local authority (Labor Department, Immigration Department...)4. Cheông xã, monitor the monthly expenses: office renting, stationery, telephone, courier, taxi, drinking water5. Cheông xã, monitor, control the admin service contracts, remind for expire date, renewal 6. Cheông xã và compare the prices lớn get approval before purchasing any items under Admin function or booking air-tickets, oto, khách sạn for business trip7. Book the oto, air tickets, khách sạn, airport pick-up for guests or business trips as requested9. Prepare the necessary things for newcomers such as entry thẻ, tin nhắn, key, stationery10. Arrange lunch và office supplies.11. Responsible for collecting employees’ profiles when joining & preserve sầu with confidential12. Check, investigate, và prepare necessary documents for related government offices such as insurance, tax, union13.Other assignments as requested from Manager