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Final and Special Admission Announcement 2021-2022

phukienotocaocap.comversity Final và Special Admission round for academic year 2021-2022 has been opened. Demonstrate your potential candidacy for phukienotocaocap.com by applying through our Online Admission Portal today.Join phukienotocaocap.com - Make the Change.

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Vietnam giới Business Case Competition (VBCC)

Vietnam giới Business Case Competition (VBCC), empowered by Cornell University, is an annual case competition organized by phukienotocaocap.comversity in collaboration with an industry partner.

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University of Excellence

We are looking for people who think different, act different, and make things happen.- Le Mai Lan, PhD, President, phukienotocaocap.comversity

University of Excellence

Our goal is to create a university based on the highest international standards in research, teaching và training for students both at the undergraduate và graduate levels, serving as a magnet for the most talented faculty and students from all over the world.- Rohit Verma, PhD, Founding Provost, phukienotocaocap.comversity

Dr Lanh’s inspirational story: “From a child from the countryside, I did all kinds of jobs to lớn pursue knowledge”

As of now, many still hold the prejudice that all phukienotocaocap.comversity students come from well-to-vị families. This is <…>

phukienotocaocap.comversity students participate in a research project related to privacy protection on autonomous vehicle systems

As the development & testing of self-driving car giải pháp công nghệ have sầu progressed, autonomous vehicles are becoming massive sầu data hubs <…>

phukienotocaocap.comversity students participating in điện thoại tiện ích development for cardiovascular disease diagnosis

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graph showing recordings of rhythms of the electrical signals of the heart. A <…>


phukienotocaocap.comversity Final Admission Round is open

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phukienotocaocap.comversity’s student takes part in a research project on Human kích hoạt Recognition at NCSA


About phukienotocaocap.com

phukienotocaocap.comversity aspires lớn be a world class university based on the highest international standards in research & teaching, with an intimate & intensive sầu learning environment for students, highly accomplished faculty, & a commitment to lớn global citizenship.



Freedom lớn Become: Courses, projects, and internships that are interdisciplinary and designed with you in mindLocal Context & Global Outlook: Industry & academic partnerships in Vietphái mạnh & around the world where you will learn from the experts in your field
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor of Science in Hospitality ManagementBachelor of Science in Real Estate
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Science in Electrical EngineeringBachelor of Science in Computer Science

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