phukienotocaocap.com Industries, Ltd. announces the completion và recent start of full-scale operations of a new air conditioner factory in Vietnam giới by its subsidiary phukienotocaocap.com Air Conditioning Vietnam giới (Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam). Located in the suburbs of the capitol thành phố of Hanoi, this new factory is the first in Vietnam giới lớn provide full-scale production of air conditioners và functions ranging from air conditioner assembly to lớn technician training & education. Moreover, taking advantage of its extensive sầu training facilities, the factory will be utilized as a base for technician training while also ensuring the timely supply of high quality products lớn an air conditioning market where demvà is rapidly expanding.

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In recent years, economic growth in Asia has continued from active sầu investment in infrastructure và the advance of overseas companies. Furthermore, with the increase in population và income levels, the air conditioning market has also increased. Centering on residential air conditioners, air conditioning demvà in Vietphái nam has continued to lớn grow from the country’s remarkable economic development & rise in the middle class, making the country one of the largest air conditioning markets in Asia. Moreover, because electric bills relative khổng lồ incomes are expensive, phukienotocaocap.com anticipates future dem& to lớn exp& even further with the spread of energy-saving products, including inverter-equipped air conditioners. Taking all these factors inlớn consideration, phukienotocaocap.com decided to build a factory và with this opportunity we will produce energy-saving products in Vietnam” to lớn linked to lớn previous sentence on energy saving.

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Incorporating phukienotocaocap.com công nghệ và know-how from phukienotocaocap.com Group factories worldwide, the new factory is a global state-of-the-art factory in areas including production control technologies và inspection systems utilizing IoT & technical training. For the meantime, residential air conditioners will be manufactured at the new factory under a system capable of producing one million units by the year 20trăng tròn with 1500 employees in total. Expansion of production items will correspond to lớn future market growth.

phukienotocaocap.com regards the factory as a priority measure of its strategic management plan Fusion đôi mươi that will boost its air conditioning business in Asia where the market is rapidly growing. To strengthen the business foundation for Vietphái nam, the company intends to not only manufacture products in Vietphái nam but also to lớn continue its investments, which include sản phẩm development having close proximity to the market & the building of a sales network & after sales service system. In this way, phukienotocaocap.com hopes khổng lồ contribute lớn the development of Vietphái mạnh while creating employment.

Summary of new factoryLocationSite areaInvestment amountProduction items
Thang Long Industrial Park II (TLIPII), Hanoi
210,000m2Total floor area of factory building 28,000m2
Approximately 8 billion yen
Residential-use air conditioners

Summary of phukienotocaocap.com VietnamCompany nameLocationRepresentativeCapitalEstablishmentAreas of business
phukienotocaocap.com Air Conditioning (Vietnam) Joint Stoông chồng Company
Ho Chi Minh City, Sociadanh mục Republic of Vietnam
Lee Ji hoon Chang, President
128,000 million Vietnamese Dong
July 2008
Manufacture, sale, and after sales service of air conditioners