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* Edu tổng thích hợp thắc mắc thường gặp mặt cùng lưu ý một vài câu trả lời mang lại chủ thể Sức khỏe mạnh và Thể hình – Health và Fitness của bài xích thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

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Câu hỏi thường xuyên gặp

1. Theo Speaking for IELTS

Describe an exciting competition or sporting event you have sầu witnessed. You should say:

what the competition or sporting event waswhen and where it took placewho wonvà explain why it was exciting.

2. Theo Get ready for IELTS Speaking

Describe an activity you like doing lớn keep healthy. You should say:

what it iswhen và where you vì chưng ithow it keeps you healthyAnd explain why you like doing it.

3. Theo IELTS Liz

3.1. Exercise

Describe an exercise you know. You should say:

what it ishow itis donewhen you first tried itwhat kind of people it is suitable forvà explain why you think it is a good exercise.3.2. Sport

Describe a sports you would like to lớn learn. You should say:

what it iswhat equipment is needed for ithow you would learn itvà explain why you would lượt thích to lớn learn this sport.

Gợi ý câu trả lời

1. Theo Speaking for IELTS

– I’d like to talk about the most exciting tennis match I’ve sầu ever seen .

It wa s about six years ago just outside Bordeaux in France, and it was the boys’ final of a junior cham mê pionship. My favourite player, a ris ing star, had got to lớn the final so I wanted to lớn see hlặng. At the time, I didn’t know anyone else who was interested in tennis – all my friends preferred football so I went on my own . I mix off really early khổng lồ make sure got there on time, but I ended up being too early và I had lớn wait for two hours for the match lớn start. It didn ‘t matter, though, because this meant I got one of the best seats, right at the fron t in the middle of the court – I was delighted about that. Other people gradually started arriving, the seats filled up, và we waited expectantly for the players.

When the match started, it soon became clear that I was practically the only personsupporting Jean Martin.

Most people were there khổng lồ support the other guy who had won theprevious two years & was the favourite to win this year, too. Every time Paul Fernandez won a point, the crowd erupted inlớn applause but I sat silently, getting more và more anxi ous. Martin lost the first set, but then there was a dramatic turnaround. He suddenly seemed to find some self-belief và he started khổng lồ win.

That’s what I love sầu about tennis – it’s a battle of the mind – as much as the body.

I find it interesting to lớn see how some players may be highly skilled but don’t have sầu the mental strength khổng lồ win. Martin obviously did have sầu this strength, & Fernandez was slowly falling apart. The atmosphere was electric. Martin showed off his amazing skills, hitting ball after ball straight down the line. Martin served for the match – you could have sầu heard a pin drop. When he served an ace, the crowd went wild! Although they had begun by supporting his opponent, they had grown to respect him for his cool head & control of the ball. When he was presented with the trophy, he cried with joy.

– Do you play tennis yourself?

– Yes, I’m a keen tennis player. I joined a club about two years ago & play all the time.

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2. Theo Get ready for IELTS Speaking

– I’d lkie khổng lồ describe an activity I like doing to lớn keep healthy. The activity is yoga.

I really enjoy doing yoga. I bởi vì yoga every week & I vì it in two different places. Firstly, I vì chưng yoga in my bedroom. Sometimes I vì it after a hard day at university but I usually bởi it in the morning. Secondly, I vì chưng yoga at a yoga centre near university.

In my opinion, it keeps me healthy in different ways. It is good for my toàn thân because I have lớn be svào and fit. It’s really challenging! It is good for my mind too, because I have sầu lớn focus my mind on one thing. It’s good to forget about studying và exams when you are tired.

Finally, I like doing it because it’s important to keep fit và it makes me feel very relaxed and calm. I don’t like going khổng lồ gyms or noisy places, so doing yoga at home page or in a quiet class is great.

– Do your family like doing this activity?

– No. My sister likes doing tae kwon bởi. She tried yoga but she didn’t lượt thích it. My brother prefers playing football or cricket. He likes team sports.

– Would you lượt thích to spkết thúc more time on this activity?

– Yes, I’d lượt thích to lớn vày yoga every day. I’m going to vày more yoga after my exams finish. In fact, I’m going on a yoga holiday in the summer.