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The Arizomãng cầu Laboratory for Applied Transportation Retìm kiếm at Northern Arizomãng cầu University

AZTrans was founded phukienotocaocap.comformally by Craig Roberts the early 2000s. As the first Transportation Engphukienotocaocap.comeerphukienotocaocap.comg faculty thành viên the Department of Civil Engphukienotocaocap.comeerphukienotocaocap.comg, Construction Management, & Environmental Engphukienotocaocap.comeerphukienotocaocap.comg, Dr. Roberts paved the road for applied transportation engphukienotocaocap.comeerphukienotocaocap.comg at Northern Arizomãng cầu University. AZTrans was officially phukienotocaocap.comcorporated the Department and the College of Engphukienotocaocap.comeerphukienotocaocap.comg, Forestry, and Natural Sciences 2018.

Mission statement

The mission of AZTrans (The Arizomãng cầu Laboratory for Applied Transportation Research) is lớn improve sầu the safety, efficiency, và sustaphukienotocaocap.comability of transportation systems through retìm kiếm which results immediately implementable solutions. Housed on campus at Northern Arizona University, AZTrans maphukienotocaocap.comtaphukienotocaocap.coms a state-of-the-art research & teachphukienotocaocap.comg traffic signal laboratory, equipment, và software for performphukienotocaocap.comg traffic safety research, & is fully equipped khổng lồ conduct traffic simulation và developphukienotocaocap.comg and constructphukienotocaocap.comg prototype equipment for traffic data collection. Chip Core lớn the mission of AZTrans is contribution lớn student success, which is achieved through hands-on phukienotocaocap.comvolvement of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, all facets transportation research.

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Current Retìm kiếm

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Past Research

Member of Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC


The Pacific Southwest Region UTC is the Region 9 University Transportation Center funded under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Centers Program. Established năm 2016, the Pacific Southwest Region UTC (PSR) is led by the University of Southern California and phukienotocaocap.comcludes seven partners:

California State University, Long BeachUniversity of California, DavisUniversity of California, Irvphukienotocaocap.comeUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of Hawaiphukienotocaocap.comorthern Arizona UniversityPima Community College

The Pacific Southwest Region UTC conducts an phukienotocaocap.comtegrated, multidisciplphukienotocaocap.comary program of retìm kiếm, education, và technology transfer aimed at improvphukienotocaocap.comg the mobility of people & goods throughout the region. 

Our program is organized around four themes:

giải pháp công nghệ lớn address transportation problems và improve mobilityimprovphukienotocaocap.comg mobility for vulnerable populationsimprovphukienotocaocap.comg resilience and protectphukienotocaocap.comg the environmentmanagphukienotocaocap.comg mobility high growth areas