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Abroad means ‘in/to a foreign country’. We use abroad as an adverb in phrases such as go abroad và live sầu abroad. From is the only preposition that is used before abroad: …
He was able to delay the trial for a year by tendering an affidavit that a crucial witness was abroad.
Economic fluctuations and pressures from abroad were simultaneously recognized by all participants as requiring some sort of response.
When deployed abroad they were merely expensive sầu ; when stationed at home page during peacetime - the "standing army " - they were a fundamental threat to domestic liberty.
One factor, which will influence this, is the proportion of cases which are acquired abroad during the holiday season, & this probably varies by country.
The problem was that the traditional policy had been endangered by the ideological developments of the 1840s, abroad & at home.
However, political parties remain aao ước the weakest components of the democratisation process & the least assisted from abroad.
However, concerns about its microbiological safety still exist, with notable milkborne outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease occurring both at trang chủ and abroad in recent years.
An investigation and prosecution would clearly implicate members of the regime và undermine its tư vấn at home và abroad.
Not only was domestic demand underdeveloped at this point ; promotion abroad also reflected a need for foreign exchange.
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