The best ho may park travel guide & things to do

Taking advantage of the rich natural beauty of Big Mountain. In addition to lớn the cool air like a miniature Dalat. Ho May Park captivates visitors with the lively landscape of forests, streams, và blue lakes. But also Hidden surprises with modern games, adventure, thrills for young people. Ho May Park is proud lớn be the only resort in the country that exploits both mountain and sea travel.

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How khổng lồ go khổng lồ Ho May Park?


Located on an altitude of 250m, with a 50ha campus, Ho May Park is a perfect complex with a towering waterfall across the sky, a diverse eco-garden with a variety of plants & animals, to lớn the zone game with all types of suitable for all participants. All have sầu created a beautiful & shimmering Ho May park.

Address Ho May Vung Tau tourist resort: 1A Tran Phu, Ward 1, Vung Tau, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.Opening hours: 7:30 – 23:00 all days of the week.

If tourists come from Vung Tau, motorbike is the most convenient means. Time lớn Ho May tourist area by motorbike is less than 10 minutes.

How Ho May Park is unique?


Contributing lớn the unforgettable impression of Ho May Park is the modern entertainment area which is very popular for all visitors. Depending on your interests and age, visitors can find yourself with modern technological entertainment. Such as: Ultimate Slide, Quick Jump, Drift King, Tazzan, Zipline…

An exciting indoor play area with over 70 diverse games for you to choose. Especially from along with international magic shows & interesting circus shows. But for families with children, it is impossible not to mention the playground for children, & a whole world of children to lớn bring exciting spring days for children. Along with that is the first mountain water park in Vietnam featuring a spectacular slide system và exciting water ball game.

Coming khổng lồ Ho May Park, you will not be able lớn miss the Ho May Grvà Show’s nightly music show & Ho Chi Minh’s 7D-Fulldome cinema. It’s using công nghệ imported from Ho May Park. Russia first appeared in Vietphái nam with special films produced specifically for this type of presentation.

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All bring exciting experiences, bringing viewers lớn exotic lands & spaces. With 360-degree visual effects from the special dome screen & specially designed surround sound system. The audience will feel immersed in the most impressive và realistic projection space ever. These services will also be completely free and will be included in Ho May Park’s full fare.

What lớn eat in Ho May Park?

The cuisine here is quite diverse, full of European, Asian, fast food, lớn the special dishes in Vung Tau … the chefs presented extremely beautiful. Food prices are not too expensive, ranging from 200,000 khổng lồ 500,000 VND / person.

Ho May restaurant is considered as one of the most beautiful views, from here you can see Maitreya Buddha statue, Kito lord statue or the boats are busy.

Hon Ri Ri Seafood Restaurant with favorable terrain has both mountain & sea. Can accommodate up to lớn 1000 guests with a variety of services such as breakfast, coffee, seafood, forest specialties …

Accommodation at Ho May Park


Ho May Resort

Standard: 3 starsAddress: 1A Trần Phú, Phường 1, Front Beach / Express Train Station, Vũng Tàu, Việt Nam

Ho May also has a system of high-class resorts, restaurants, cafes, gyms, beauty spa rooms. There are all amenities & services as a miniature đô thị on high.

This is the highest mountain resort in Vung Tau with luxurious and class facilities. All rooms have sầu views of the sea. From here, the whole coastal thành phố of Vung Tau is full of sight. Cable car hotel

Address: 1A Street Tran Phu, Front Beach, Vung Tau City

The khách sạn was built in the direction of the sea khổng lồ bring luxurious space, comfort but still full of poetic between cloudy clouds và lush primary forests. In front of the hotel is Hon Ri Ri culinary area và Greenlines DPhường. hydrofoil pier. So it is very convenient for travelers to lớn choose this place khổng lồ rest after stressful working days.

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Above is a summary of information, tourism experiences Ho May Vung Tau. Hope to make your Vietphái mạnh tours in Vung Tau more interesting và interesting. Wish you have sầu fun and have sầu many experiences here.

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