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Located in Tnhị Hoa - Lien Son Industrial Park (Hoa Son town, Lap Thach district, Vinch Phuc province), Asia US Industrial Joint Stoông chồng Company (AMY GRUPO), founded in năm ngoái, has obtained many great achievements: expansive market, well-established brvà name và revenue of over VND1 trillion.

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Building classy brand

So far, AMY has built tile factory complexes. For example, AMY Hoa Son ceramic tile factory, which was built in September 2016 and started commercial operation after three months of construction, has an annual capathành phố of 100 million bricks. AMY Tho Xuan ceramic tile factory was built on September 22, 2017, lớn produce 100 million units a year. ACT Construction và Investment Co., Ltd, established on September 9, năm 2016, is a trading company of AMY GRUPO. In addition, the company is also an exclusive sầu distributor of globally reputed brands of finished construction materials (large-form size imported tiles và sanitary equipment from Claychảy of Malaysia, Tres và GRB of Spain, & Scarabeo of Italy.)


Particularly, AMYGRES ceramic tile factory project was started construction on February 8, 2017 và finished và put inlớn operation after just 166 days of construction - a record time in Vietnam’s ceramic tile industry. Up lớn now, the company has completed six production lines to lớn increase its current capacity to 17 million square meters a year.

AMY tiles use double-firing giải pháp công nghệ for strong structures to lớn withstand high intensity. Structural materials are carefully selected, stably arranged khổng lồ ensure hàng hóa unique. The most modern digital printing công nghệ and imported premium inks make sharp colors, deep images và authentic textures. Enamel coating technology, with a variety of surface effects, creates a wide range of highly applicable products to meet customer needs.

AMYGRES ceramic tile collection has very diverse surfaces such as nano polishing, sugar effect, lappakhổng lồ grinding, matt satin, matt rustic, anti-slip coating, glue và grit. The collection is diverse in sizes such as 30x60 cm, 40x80 centimet, 60x60 centimet, 80x80 cm, 15x80 centimet, 20x90 centimet, 15x90 centimet, 20x1đôi mươi cm, 30x120 cm, và 60x1trăng tròn centimet. According to lớn the company’s development orientation, in the coming time, AMY will focus on making large-sized products, high-class porcelain product lines for big domestic and international customers and projects.

In 2019, AMY made over 15 million square meters of ceramic tiles (as of November 2019), earned estimated revenue of over VND1 trillion, và paid over VND50 billion to lớn the State budget. Currently, the company is employing nearly 900 full-time workers paid over VND8.5 million per month on average.

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With its efforts in the ceramic tile industry, AMY was named the Top 10 tile br&, the well-reputed br& in Vietnam 2019, và the Top 10 Asian quality brand in 2019.

Conquest and spread

To build a brand name, the human factor is crucial & product chất lượng & sản phẩm design is core. Thus, the company always focuses on building a good corporate culture and encourages its employees to lớn come up with initiatives for better management, technological innovation, & business performance.

Mr. Tran Tuan Dai, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors & Deputy General Director of Asia US Industrial Joint Stoông chồng Company

Affirming the class and creating pervasive power in the market, AMYGRES currently has 48 distributors across Vietphái mạnh, added Mr. Tran Tuan Dai. AMYGRES premium tiles have conquered a series of big projects invested by leading domestic corporations such as Gr& World Phu Quoc in Vinđô thị Tay Mo, AEON Hai Phong, Hoi An Casino, Ho Tram Casino, Vinhomes Riverside Ocean Park Gia Lam, Crown Phu Quoc, BRG & FLC.

Not only for domestic consumption, AMY is seeking ways lớn make inroads in the global market & export its products to lớn other countries around the world. In spite of the saturation of the global tile industry, AMYGRES is still confident khổng lồ overcome competitive sầu pressures from the big companies. Since August 2018, AMY has exported its products to lớn demanding markets such as Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, và the United States, passed technical barriers, & confirmed the position of Vietnamese products in the international aremãng cầu. In 2020, AMY will produce SPC laminate flooring products, which promise to lớn lead a new trkết thúc in the Vietnamese flooring industry.