Ielts task 2, many employees may work at home the modern technology

Many employees may work at home page the modern công nghệ. Some people clalặng that it can benefit only workers, not the employers. Do you agree or disagree?Technology changes the way people vày things, including their job. Advanced technology enables several employees lớn work at their house. I totally disagree with the statement that the only workers have sầu advantages not the employers.Recently, working at homes either as employers và employees give some advantages. Firstly they can have sầu a good circumstance since the work in the comfortable place which is their house. Secondly, they also can spkết thúc much more time with their family when they have a break time so that their relationship with their family members' improve sầu. As a result, they enjoy working in house and it leads lớn the increase in their working performance.On the other h& it also gives some drawbacks to lớn the workers & khổng lồ the Boss. The officers tkết thúc khổng lồ bởi their task as they want since their employers bởi vì not look at them directly. It will make employers experience economical lose because the workers' performance tends khổng lồ decrease. Social interactions between workers & employers cannot run well because the time duration of interaction much enough. In addition, the transfer of skills which need direct guide bởi vì not happen since the employers only give sầu several instructions without showing the real example to them.To sum up, it is evident that working in the home affects several benefits và drawbacks for both workers and employers. In my point of view, I absolutely disagree with the statement that only officers have benefit, not the employers. Then I recommover both of them khổng lồ make good collaborations to lớn improve sầu the quality of their company and hope that developing technology can help them to increase their productivities for maximizing their income, hence their live are going lớn be better than before.

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Wahyu, I think that this essay is somehow a little-bit far away from the topic given. The prompt is about whether modern technology benefits only workers, or benefits both workers và employers. Yet, you were also explaining about the drawbacks of modern giải pháp công nghệ which I think it is unnecessary khổng lồ be brought into the discussion. Let me give you a hint about what you can bởi vì khổng lồ improve your essay.First, if you are in disagree position, make sure that you are totally disagree with the prompt given. I know that some teachers advice that you can partly agree và disagree but this often leads to lớn an essay with no clear focus & a confusing structure. Second, you need lớn focus on the từ khóa in the prompt. If the prompt never asks or talks about 'drawbacks', why bother khổng lồ make one? Just answer directly what the question wants. For instance, this is the body paragraph should look like:- 1st topic sentence for body toàn thân paragraph 1 (discuss about the first idea why you disagree) = Employers & employees are more comfortable by working at home.- 2nd topic sentence for body paragraph 2 (discuss about the second idea why you disagree) = Working at trang chính is more convenient for employers and employees.By exploring those two main ideas & mentioning concession in the last sentence for each paragraph, you can get stronger essay rather than discussing both sides.
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Hi Wahyu, as I read along, I am really immersed in your essay, I believe sầu this is one of those essays that is not only realistic but also very relevant khổng lồ todays world.

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I, for one, works at home, I have full control of my time, my actions và the results of my work. Coupled with this freedom is the responsibility to lớn be well disciplined, such as knowing my hours of work, sticking khổng lồ my schedule and the results derived from the days work. Moreover, it gives the employees the sense of concentration that they need và that they couldn't have sầu in an office mix up, added khổng lồ this is the controversy that the office mix up brings will not be experienced in a remote office or working from home, which for me is a very good addition to being a remote worker.Overall, the essay you wrote is very relevant to todays world,you made sure that the essay is also using appropriate words, the construction of the sentences is also very critical & you were able to bring it out in this essay.Furthermore, you were able lớn answer what is asked of the prompt, I consider this essay as very up to lớn date, true lớn its purpose và the ideas you mentioned are able to lớn highlight both advantages và disadvantages of the situation.I hope my insights helped.
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Technology changes the way people <...> that the only workers have advantages not the employers.

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Sophisticated devices play an equally important role in job life. As such, it help employees work in their own occupation. While some convince that it only boosts employees capability, I highly likely believe sầu it gives benefits for trùm and workers.
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hallo wahyu. look at your essay i think you are not get it what question mean. you explain too far and you did not give sầu your first & secon idea why you disagree about this notion. As same as above sầu comments, i think you need to explore another idea so you can explain it clearly. you need khổng lồ put minimum 2 ideas in your introductory paragraph và you need to lớn explain each idea in your body toàn thân paragraph. I think that all my comment i am waiting for your next essay. keep trying and spirit !
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