New viet dairy launches www, new viet dairy: dịch vụ thực phẩm tại việt nam

Blue Ridge Global announced today that New Viet Dairy has selected both its Supply Chain Planning and Integrated Business Planning solutions to tư vấn operations throughout Vietphái mạnh. New Viet Dairy is a leading importer & distributor of dairy, food & beverage products và ingredients, with brands that include Fonterra, Heinz, Lamb Weston, Paysan Breton, Bottega Zelabỏ ra, Arla, Casa Rinaldi and ElPozo.

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Blue Ridge"s Supply Chain Planning (SCP) technology balances customer needs with frustrating business realities, including erratic demand from regional uniqueness, seasonality và market fluctuations that frequently put pressure on foodservice distributors lượt thích New Viet Dairy. The Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution will support the alignment of New Viet"s revenue and financial plans with its demvà supply. Blue Ridge IBP enables enterprises to lớn craft one consensus operational plan that ensures accountability across functional silos.

New Viet Dairy is completing a digital transformation process over three years with the selection and onboarding of Blue Ridge Demand Planning SaaS, making New Viet Dairy the most technologically advanced company in its industry. Amuốn the top-100 largest private companies in Vietphái mạnh since it began operations in 1997, New Viet Dairy has more than 700 employees in its eleven locations throughout Vietphái nam & soon in Cambodia mid-2019, with revenue of more than $300 million.

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"The combination of our SCP.. & IBP solutions will provide New Viet Dairy with full alignment of financial plans and anticipated customer dem&, while also synchronizing all available inventory," said Jyên ổn Byrnes, Chief Executive sầu Officer, Blue Ridge. "Blue Ridge"s flexible giải pháp công nghệ translates khổng lồ any global market, with the ability khổng lồ tailor processes khổng lồ specific business challenges và fluctuations in any region, including Asia-Pacific."

For more information on Blue Ridge"s experience working with foodservice distributors, cliông xã here.

Blue Ridge"s SCPhường và IBP. solutions will support New Viet Dairy"s three primary distribution channels:

+ Ingredients: Dairy ingredients are supplied lớn trusted partners, which include Vinamilk, Nutifood, Dutch Lady, Coca-Cola và Kivì chưng.

+ Food Service: Providing a large range of food products for the hospitality industry, including dairy, frozen meat và vegetables, sauces, oil và vinegar, wine and beer.

+ Retail: New Viet Dairy supplies a select range of mid khổng lồ high-over imported brand-name foods to major and smaller retailers across the country, including chợ giao thương Big C, Coopmart, Aeon, Metro, Giant and convenience chains. NVD also supplies its own brand, Bottega Zelađưa ra, which provides international grade products repacked into smaller paông chồng kích cỡ in an ISO & HACCP certified cut and wrap laboratory.

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