Redefine là gì

khổng lồ change the meaning of something or to lớn make people think about something in a new or different way:

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redefine a business/industry/market The bank is in the process of redefining the business of its troubled investment-banking subsidiary.

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redefine a role/relationship/approach A company that redefines its sales approach without giving its staff the tools to lớn tư vấn the new approach can find itself in a worse position than if it had done nothing at all.
Archaeological interpretation plays its role in redefining global debates regarding past & present.
Rather, they were also constantly redefined by events taking place in their trang chính country and their relationships with other immigrant groups.
Once adopted, policies redefine agendas & their results determine the future actions of decision-makers, interest groups or the public as a whole.
Another approach is khổng lồ redefine the morpheme, retaining the notion of minimal unit, but eliminating the requirement that it be meaningful.
Detection/nondetection models were applied after redefining the sample unit, given that with only 11 "sites" (= transects) it is difficult to lớn say much about occupancy.
What is successfully presented for consumption by outsiders also redefines the parameters of legitimacy and authentithành phố for indigenous audiences.
This scenario does not suggest spatial diffusion, but rather a watershed round of elections that redefined the electoral landscape for years lớn come.
A critical election following the formation of the new buổi tiệc ngọt may at once redefine & consolidate the contours of the local electoral landscape.
This is a key theme : the process through which the meanings of spirituality và its place in political cultures were constantly negotiated and redefined.
When any sound is potentially musical, the actual musical value of a sound is redefined within each composition, & its identity is constantly reinvented.





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