Socialism là gì

the mix of beliefs that states that all people are equal and should nội dung equally in a country"s money, or the political systems based on these beliefs

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any economic or political system based on government ownership và control of important businesses and methods of production
an economic, political, & social system that is based on the belief that all people are equal & should chia sẻ equally in a country"s money:
Following the collapse of state socialism, there were many questions about how the societies of Central and Eastern Europe would become integrated inlớn international capitalism.

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Readers are likely khổng lồ focus on particular themes as ambitiously covered by the book - political liberalism, conservatism, socialism, ecology và feminism.
At the same time, even the most prominent dissidents of that period expressed protest from within a discourse of "authentic" socialism.
Supporting current anti-globalization activism is a good first step, since it comes closest to lớn putting international socialism on the political agenda.
To those who supported the ideals of state socialism và who worked in figurative sầu styles this was not a problem.
However, substantive research on the concept "socialism" is likely to bring to light key elements that should correct our "a priori" judgments about these differences.
But they faded almost equally quickly, as the population preferred a project of "national reconstruction" to lớn one of "civic reconstruction", let alone a reformed socialism.
The policy covered only the workers of medium-to-large industrial firms & the government"s motive was to preempt the appeal of socialism.
They have focused on primitive sầu communal society, the slaveowning system, feudalism, capitalism, and socialism.
That use of the term "beauty" by both women suggests how important the aesthetic was in supplementing the materialism of scientific socialism.
For now, note only that acceptance of this argument raises uncomfortable questions about market socialism"s political feasibility.
Capitalism was the mode of production that emerged & expanded in the 19th và 20th centuries, & socialism was just a brief parenthesis.
In terms of economics, he anticipated that these countries would probably move sầu towards some mix between socialism & capitalism.
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a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the svào notes often come before the beat. Jazz is usually improvised (= invented as it is played).

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