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In this article, I saw the phrase tens of thousands. Normally, I understvà tens of thousands means some number between 10.000 lớn 90.000. But in this situation, I don"t really understand it:

Oganessian reported his discovery lớn Flerov on his return. At first his mentor appeared dismissive – the usual fate for a successful guerrilla. It was only when the president of the USSR Academy of Sciences visited Jinr that Flerov pointed lớn Oganessian và said ‘He produces transuranes in their tens of thousands.’ The president, realising what this meant, gave sầu Oganessian a kiss on his cheek.Bạn vẫn xem: Tens of thousands là gì

What does tens of thousands mean in this situation?

Please explain to me.

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Active Oldest Votes 1 The answer is actually in the article itself, and the meaning is just the ordinary one.The fragment in the question of course begs the question whether tens of thousands refers to lớn separate elements (in which case we would have sầu a hyperbole, because there are not even a hundred transurane elements) or lớn the amount of transurane material that was produced.

The article says, in the paragraph before the one in the question (emphasis mine):

When Flerov went on an expedition khổng lồ Siberia, Oganessian seized his chance. Testing his theory, he fired argon-40 at lead-208 to make fermium-244, predicting it would shed four neutrons and create an isotope with a half-life of only 4ms. The new technique produced fermium-246, losing only two neutrons, with a half-life of 1.1s. The resulting yield was 10,000 times greater than he imagined.

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So Oganessian managed khổng lồ produce 10,000 times more fermium than other techniques.

All said, the phrasing is certainly non-scientific & imprecise. Since it is a reported quote, we cannot put all the blame on the author. The reported reaction lớn the quote indicates that its meaning was well understood at the time, though, even if the wording is somewhat imprecise.