Fedex express & tnt Express and TNT are making progress in coming together to lớn offer you new opportunities, a better service and stronger tư vấn. Integrating the world"s largest air express network & an unparalleled European road network will take time, but we"ve already made significant progress.

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We are working to lớn bring different parts of Express & TNT together & make improvements lớn your service. As we move forward, our teams are committed to delivering the same exceptional service you expect from both companies.

As we roll out our improvements, you’ll start to see better coverage, greater global connectivity, & a broader selection of service options. In the meantime, you can be confident that we will continue to offer the same:



Our integration is taking place in stages. Some of you can experience our service improvements now, & some of you can look forward to them in the near future.


We’re bringing together the unmatched Express global air network with an unparalleled European road network lớn connect you lớn more markets around the world. Express serves more than 2đôi mươi countries và territories, và we’re combining this with a TNT network that connects over 45 countries in Europe, with 55,000 road trips made every week. The Express global network provides time-sensitive sầu, express services through 375 airports worldwide.

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You’ll soon get access to lớn exciting new opportunities, but khổng lồ take advantage of the broader range of services before the integration process is complete, please visit Express or TNT.


We’re continuing lớn invest in our local ground operations, khổng lồ give sầu you an even better network with more drop-off & pick-up points across your country.

During this first stage of the integration, you can rest assured you’ll get the same exceptional service you have sầu come khổng lồ expect.

The TNT worldwide delivery network is optimized lớn collect and deliver parcels & pallets. It covers over 200 countries via global & regional air connections & regional road networks in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, South America & Asia.

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By choosing Express, you are working with the world’s leading shipping company. We invented express distribution và, in 2018, was ranked among the world’s top 20 “Most Admired Companies” by Fortune magazine, for the 18th consecutive sầu year.

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