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Being a responsible HouseKeeper is not an easy job, as you need to take care of vacuuming, dusting , mopping with surface cleaning , kitchen và bathroom cleaning and germs killing , nhà wc cleanup & laundry services included.

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These School girls want khổng lồ vày some housekeeping work in their trang chủ lớn make their trang chính more stylish & trendy on this new year các buổi tiệc nhỏ with friends. Usually the house msida do not put as much attention as you desire for your dream house. It is the không tính tiền new year housekeeping và home page cleaning game for girls. First of all concentrate at living room, dinning room và kitchen to lớn picking up all the trash. Put the dirty dishes khổng lồ the sink to wash. To look under the edges of the furniture khổng lồ make sure there is no trash left. Now looking up the living room, fluff the pillows, put the extra newspapers & magazines inkhổng lồ trash.In kitchen cleaning, put everything in the respective sầu drawers or cabinets. Buy a pair of rubber gloves lớn wash the dirty dishes và put inlớn the cabinets.

Use the magic eraser if there are any stains from food. Use the tidy magic eraser on kitchen shelfs or counters lớn remove sầu the cutting marks or to lớn remove sầu the germs. You can use the magic eraser on stoves or oven to lớn cleanup properly. Now clean your refrigerator , remove the old food after checking expiry dates. If you have some extra minutes, wipe out the front side of appliances. Swipe out if they look grungy around the knobs & handles. Swipe out và mop the kitchen tiles. If it is winter season, wipe off the door knobs with bleach available at grocery store.Now it’s a bathroom cleanup time, cleanup the bathroom counters then clean the mirror with paper towel or glass cleaner. Then the floor tiles & toilet wall tiles cleanup. Fluff or refold the bathroom towels & toss into lớn the laundry basket. Now clean the bathtub and bathroom accessories.

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Sweep & mop the floors, then vacuum all the carpeted rooms. Go to the bedroom và dinning room. Dust off the tables , shelfs, fans và any counters. Use the lemon oil cleaner for glasses, wood , furniture lớn kill the germs & avoid any allergies. School girls have sầu planned the major house cleanup in their christmas holidays. It is the không lấy phí Smartphone game for girls & mothers to help them clean their bedroom, toilets, kitchen with no time. These school girls are hosting a tiệc ngọt with their friends on this new year celebrations. You can invite the few people according khổng lồ the place in your trang chính. It is a free new year games for girls & mommy.

* Choose your favourite are of house cleaning like TV lounge or bedroom decoration* Use soft rugs, rubber gloves, paper towel, sponges, bucket or tidy wet mop* Use handheld vacuum, carpet cleaning brush or machine, furniture polish* Scrub brush for bathroom, anti bacterial spray, carpet stain remover* Being a housekeeper & decorer, its difficult khổng lồ clean & tidy* nhà vệ sinh cleanup and washing tiles with spray và wiper

Cleaning your house is self explanatory task with your internal satisfaction. For the busy Mommy, make a plan khổng lồ tidy và clean the house with job in a great way.Always have sầu a cleaning checkcác mục.You can vacuum , clean, sweep & mop all rooms together.Grade school kids can pick up their bedrooms và floors, where teen can clean the garage và bathroom. Try h& washing dishes in kitchen, dry your dishes, clean the oven và microwave, organise the cabinets, organise the clutter và make the bed, dust, vacuum, mop or spray are nice scent in the room. Dust the furniture lượt thích a the other games for girls & kids và Enjoy free Download.