Founded in 2006 while Vietphái mạnh was experiencing dramatic growth in both social and economic fields, accompanied by an ever-accelerating global integration process, Viet Capital aims khổng lồ be a constant companion lớn its investors on the road khổng lồ prosperity.

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With our talented pool of well-qualified and enthusiastic local professionals, VCAM’s goal is lớn become one of the leading asmix management companies in the country.

We commit khổng lồ providing attractive sầu returns at acceptable levels of risk lớn our investors, creating a fair và friendly working environment for our employees and fulfilling our social responsibilities. We are proud to lớn be a domestic fund manager to manage both on-shore and off-shore money under various structures.



Viet Capital was established lớn fully tư vấn Vietnam’s economic reform process by identifying investment opportunities and then create value for both our investors và the enterprises. We look to lớn maximize the benefits for all parties, and at the same time support the prosperity of the nation. We have sầu harnessed a well qualified team with a comtháng goal, a fresh perspective and a youthful vigor to lớn take on all challenges.

Viet Capital aspires to lớn be the leading asphối management company in Vietphái nam. A truly trang chính grown team managing funds khổng lồ generate attractive and superior returns for investors with controlled và managed risks, và providing value added services to lớn investee companies.

We will at all times maintain the highest level of professionalism consistent with international standards.

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Viet Capital aims to lớn be a socially responsible organization both lớn employees and society và will continuously contribute lớn worthy community development projects.


A young, dynamic home-grown team with a well entrenched and extensive sầu local network to tap inkhổng lồ a wide array of target investment companies covering a broad spectrum of industries

We are creative sầu, independent thinkers with a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market which means that we can offer the best solutions tailored to every investment need.

Global reach with strong international connections

We have sầu developed the skills necessary to invest in a broad range of assets as a result of understanding our clients’ exact needs.


At VCAM we firmly believe that companies which are transparent and well governed, operating in a responsible and sustainable way should have sầu the right culture, attitudes và mechanisms in place lớn support both their long-term health and enhance shareholder value.

Confidence in the integrity và chất lượng of good management is essential if we are to lớn maintain long-term relationships with companies. We alặng lớn make a positive contribution towards the evolution of good corporate governance by taking an active sầu interest in the companies in which we invest và by protecting the rights of our investors.