Glossary of military terms & slang from the vietnam war d

Eeagle flightslarge air assault of helicoptersEarly-Outsa drop or reduction in time in service. A soldier with 150 days or less remaining on his active sầu duty commitment when he DEROSed from Vietphái nam also ETSed from the army under the Early Out program.

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ECHOmilitary phonetic for the letter "E"elephant grasstall, razor-edged tropical plant indigenous to certain parts of VietnamEleven Bravothe MOS of an infantrymanEMenlisted manEODexplosive sầu ordinance disposal. A team that disarms explosive sầu devices.E-toolentrenching tool. Folding shovel carried by infantrymen.ETSdate of departure for overseas duty station; estimated time of separation from military service.evac"devacuatedexpectantscasualties who are expected to lớn die

FF-4Phantom jet fighter-bombers. Range: 1,000 miles. Speed: 1400 mph. Payload: 16,000 lbs. The workhorse of the tactical air tư vấn fleet.FACforward air controller; a person who coordinates air strikesfast moveran F-4fatiguesstandard combat unisize, green in colorFBfirebaseFDCfire direction control centerfinger chargeexplosive booby-trapping device which takes its name from the kích cỡ and shape"s being approximately that of a man"s fingerfire basetemporary artillery encampment used for fire support of forward ground operationsfirefighta battle, or exchange of small arms fire with the enemyFire Trackflame-thrower tankfiveradio hotline sign for the executive officer of a unitflack jacketheavy fiberglass-filled vest worn for protection from shrapnelflakyto lớn be in a state of mental disarray, characterized by spaciness và various forms of unreasoning fearflareillumination projectile; hand-fired or shot from artillery, mortars, or airflechettea small dart-shaped projectile clustered in an explosive sầu warhead. A mine without great explosive power containing small pieces of shrapnel intended khổng lồ wound và kill.FNGfucking new guyFOforward obhệ thống. A person attached lớn a field unit lớn coordinate the placement of direct or indirect fire from ground, air, and naval gasa mixture of explosives và napalm, usually set in a fifty-gallon drumfoursF-4sFOXTROTmilitary phonetic for the letter "F"fragfragmentation grenade; verb size of "fragging"fraggingthe assassination of an officer by his own troops, usually be a grenadefreakradio frequency. Also, a junkie or a doper.Freedom Birdthe plane that took soldiers from Vietnam giới bachồng to the Worldmiễn phí fire zonekhông lấy phí strike zonekhông tính tiền strike zonearea where everyone was deemed hostile và a legitimate target by U.S. forcesFrench forta distinctive triangular structure built by the hundreds by the Frenchfreqradio frequencyfriendly fireaccidental attacks on U.S. or allied soldiers by other U.S. or allied soldiersFUBARacronym for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition," used lớn describe any disorganized operationfuckalong with fucked and fuckin", the most commonly used word in the GI vocabulary other than the article "a"fucked upwounded or killed. Also, to get stoned, drunk, or to lớn be foolish or vị something stupid.fugazifucked up or screwed upFULROUnited Front for the Struggle of Oppressed Races. Resistance organization in the highlands of Vietnam giới made up of Montagnards, Csi mê, và ethnic Khmer. FULRO is still conducting resistance against Communist operations to lớn subjugate the indigenous tribal peoples.FUNCINPECNational United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, & Cooperative sầu Cambodia. Prince Sihanouk"s non-Communist political and military organization which attempted lớn drive sầu the Vietnamese occupation forces out of Cambodia & reestablish independence. In 1982 FUNCINPEC joined the Cambodian Coalition Government và shared the seat at the United Nations.funny paperstopographic mapsFWMAFFree World Military Assistance Forces. The Allies.

GG-3division màn chơi tactical advisor; a staff officer.Garandthe M-1 rifleghostinggoldbricking or sandbagging; fucking offGIgovernment issue. Usually refers khổng lồ an American soldier.Glad bagslang term for body toàn thân bagGOLFmilitary phonetic for the letter "G"gookderogatory term for an Asian; derived from Korean slang for "person" & passed down by Korean war veteransGreen BeretsU.S. Special ForcesgreensArmy Class A uniformGR pointgraves registration point. That place on a military base where the identification, embalming & processing of dead soldiers takes place as part of the operations of the quartermaster.gridsmap broken into numbered thousand-meter squaresgruntinfantryman. Originally slang for a Marine fighting in Vietphái mạnh but later applied to any solder fighting there; a boonierat.

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GSWgunshot woundthe Gunthe M-60gung hoenthusiastic (usually about military matters and killing people)gunshiparmed helicopterGVNGovernment of South Vietnam

HHALOhigh-altitude, low-opening jumping for insertion of troops behind enemy lines. The jump is begun from 15,000 feet.hamleta small rural villagehammer & anvilan infantry tactic of surrounding an enemy base area, then sending in other units khổng lồ drive sầu the enemy out of hiding.hvà fraga fragmentation grenade thrown by a soldierH&Ehigh explosiveH&Iharassment và interdiction. Artillery bombardments used lớn deny the enemy terrain which they might find beneficial to lớn their campaign; general rather than specific, confirmed military targets; random artillery fire.hardstanda pierced steel plate (PSP) platsize over sandhard-stripe sergeantrank indicated by chevron insignia, equivalent to lớn an E5 or E6, but denoting some limited authority as well. Others of the same rank without the stripes were little more than PFCs.Hearta Purple Heart award for a wound; the wound itselfheat tabsflammable tablet used to lớn heat C-rations. Always in short supply.Herculesa C-130HESHamlet Evaluation System. An evaluation system devised & run by Americans in Saigon which required monthly computerized reports from all the DSAs in the country.HHCheadquarters và headquarters companyhigher-highersthe honchos; the command or commandersHMNavy hospital corpsman; a medicHmongA dominant Laotian hill tribe, around sixty percent of whom opposed the North Vietnamese & Pathet Lao, in alliance with the Americans và Royal Lao government. After 1975 the Communists stepped up repression against the Hmuốn, who refused to be collectivized. Massive sầu numbers of Hhy vọng have been killed or driven inlớn Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan.Hoa Haoa Buddhist sect of two million in the western Mekong Delta, founded in the 1930s. Since the assassination of the founder và prophet, Huynh Phu So, by Ho Chi Minh"s forces, the Hoa Hao have been fiercely anti-Communist.Ho Chi Minch slipperssandals made from tires. The soles are made from the tread và the straps from inner tubes.Hoi-ChanhVietnamese Communist soldiers & cadre who rallied to lớn the South Vietnamese government under the Chieu Hoi amnesty program.honey-dipperspeople responsible for burning human excrementhonkyAfrican American vernacular term for trắng people.hoocha hut or simple dwelling, either military or civilian. Also spelled hootch.hoochgirlVietnamese woman employed by American military as maid or laundresshooka radio; a radio handsethornradio microphonehotarea under fireHOTELmilitary phonetic for the letter "H"hot LZa landing zone under enemy firehowitzera short cannon used to fire shells at medium velođô thị & with relatively high trajectoriesHQheadquartersHueynickname for the UH-1 series helicoptershumpmarch or hike carrying a rucksack; lớn perkhung any arduous task

II Corpsthe northernmost military region in South VietnamII Corpsthe Central Highlands military region in South VietnamIII Corpsthe densely populated, fertile military region between Saigon and the HighlandsIV Corpsthe marshy Mekong Delta southernmost military regionIGInspector General of the U.S. Armyilluman illumination flare, usually fired by a mortar or artillery weaponimmersion footcondition resulting from feet being submerged in water for a prolonged period of time, causing cracking và charges attached lớn mortar fins. If they become wet, the mortar round misfires & falls short.INDIAmilitary phonetic for the letter "I"insertto be deployed into lớn a tactical area by helicopterIron TriangleViet Cong dominated area between the Thi-Tinh & Saigon rivers, next lớn Cu Chi district

JJAGjudge advocate general, the legal department of the Armed Servicesjet jockeyAir Force fighter pilotJodythe person who wins your lover or spouse away while you are in the Nam. From the marching song or cadence count, "Ain"t no use in goin" home page / Jody"s got your girl & gone / sound off...."john waynecan opener. Also used as a verb to describe the actions of someone who exposes himself lớn danger. For an example of what some GIs though of John Wayne, see Robert Flynn"s essay, "John Wayne Must Die."JULIETmilitary phonetic for the letter "J"jungle bootsfootwear that looks lượt thích a combination of combat boot and canvas sneaker used by the U.S. military in a tropical climate, where leather rots because of the dampness. The canvas structure also speeds drying after crossing streams, rice paddies, etc.jungle utilitieslightweight tropical fatigues