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In doing so, we vị not have sầu an agenda for pushing certain viewpoints, neither our own nor those of a particular school of thought.
As a result of this mis-understanding, the author criticises viewpoints that are not expressed in our paper.
Why should the recognition of other viewpoints be "disabling" rather than challenging, democratic or provocative?
Less anachronistic interpretations of those events, she argued, might stimulate more liberated viewpoints.
To provide people with new arguments and viewpoints, considerations, & insights is compatible with the sort of expertise we have sầu.
The equipment description is used for calculation in the model-use module and for visualization purposes in the viewpoints modules.
The essays flow into lớn one another, all singing from the same hymn-sheet rather than espousing different viewpoints.
In the end, a single theoretical standpoint will be the most coherent explanation of the extant literature, not a concatenation of historical viewpoints.
There is little addition of ideas from outside the sự kiện, reference to alternative viewpoints or attitudes khổng lồ others, bình luận và so on.
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These are words often used in combination with viewpoint.

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Clichồng on a collocation to see more examples of it.

The alternative sầu viewpoint to this derives from county studies which reveal a very different picture.

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The kids often have meaty or moral issue questions which the various adults answer, sometimes with differing viewpoints.





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