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to lớn put a special substance on the surface of something that will prsự kiện water from going through it
Cuticular lipids of terrestrial plants and arthropods : a comparison of their structure, composition và waterproofing function.
There are great difficulties in the matter of supplying fleece linings for waterproofs, but every effort is being made.
Once dried, the resulting material can be cut, sanded and/or painted, và waterproofed by painting with a suitable water-repelling paint.
The most likely explanation for this name is lớn mean that this was where ships were waterproofed with tar.
Rawhide is, however, more susceptible to lớn water than leather, và will quickly soften and stretch if left wet unless well waterproofed.
The cargo area was waterproofed và fitted with a drainage system, allowing it to lớn be easily hosed down for cleaning.
Further renovation was undertaken subsequently, including waterproofing the deck, brickwork repairs and repointing.
Earth domes are very inexpensive sầu khổng lồ build, but waterproofing them is a complex or expensive sầu process for humid regions.
The circus had instead waterproofed their canvas using an older method of parrafin dissolved in gasoline & painted onto the canvas.
The system consisted of a series of circular plastic tubes that were sealed together using waterproof tape.

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The entire construction is waterproofed on both sides by a 7m-thiông chồng, 10m-high abutment of concrete which contains escalators linking the two levels.
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