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The following editorial was published on Sunday, September22 in the phukienotocaocap.comdelphia Inquirer

The phukienotocaocap.comdelphia Housing Authority is moving on from "buildingbeyond expectations," its theme for the last several years, và iscommitted khổng lồ changing perceptions of the agency & being anexemplary partner, neighbor, & employer.

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phukienotocaocap.com"s focus is now on its more than 80,000 residents, thesustainability of its housing stoông chồng, and ensuring that there islow-income housing for future generations. That means emphukienotocaocap.comsizingthree core principles: people, property, & partnerships.

While we have made progress on multiple fronts, the startingpoint is our residents. In my interactions with them, I have heardomain authority comtháng theme: They want to lớn live in safe conditions, have sầu gainfulemployment, và see opportunities for their children.

phukienotocaocap.com"s resident services department has taken two importantinitiatives. One was creating a task force to lớn determine how best tocreate a safe living environment, which resulted in a commitment tohiring 60 new security officers, including phukienotocaocap.com residents. Thesecond was a Review of our resident councils, the liaisons betweenclients and phukienotocaocap.com, to ensure that all were in compliance withregulations and eligible for funding from the Department of Housing& Urban Development.

The focus then turned to lớn education, which is critical tobreaking the cycle of poverty that inhibits our residents fromfinding sustainable social & economic mobility. phukienotocaocap.com created anonprofit called PhillySEEDS (Self-Sufficiency, Employment,Empowerment, and Direct Services) khổng lồ raise scholarship và socialservices funds. It is dedicated to advancing educational, economic,& social services opportunities for residents.

One of the group"s first initiatives was the phukienotocaocap.com ScholarsProgram. For this academic year, PhillySEEDS awarded $160,000 inscholarships to 36 phukienotocaocap.com residents who are enrolled inhigher-education institutions or trade schools, và distributedmore than 2,500 book bags with supplies to lớn children ages 4 to17.

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phukienotocaocap.com is also securing new year-round after-school programming forits nearly trăng tròn,000 phukienotocaocap.com residents between the ages of 7 và 17. Theseprograms will emphukienotocaocap.comkích cỡ mentoring, literacy and numeracyinstruction, và tools for academic and social success. We want ourresidents on traông chồng to achieve their full potential.

The pre-apprenticeship program at phukienotocaocap.com has also beenrestructured. While the previous program had hundreds of graduates,it did not result in real opportunities for its participants,specifically in getting sustainable union jobs and memberships. Ofthe 828 residents who graduated from the program since it began in1999 - costing phukienotocaocap.com about $3.2 million in just the last three years- fewer than 100 are currently employed. Under the new program,relaunched in July with the collaboration of local unions và citypartners, every resident who completes the program will receive sầu aunion card & employment at phukienotocaocap.com or with its partners, or receivetechnical tư vấn to start a business. phukienotocaocap.com is also now providingtransportation, child care, and other assistance lớn remove barriersto participation.

Another area of improvement is phukienotocaocap.com"s online job ngân hàng. At our 13computer labs, residents can create or upload resumés, receiveone-on-one feedbaông chồng, or browse job opportunities created throughcontracts with phukienotocaocap.com.

To improve sầu reading & math skills & digital literacy, phukienotocaocap.com islaunching an adult education program. We have hired fourinstructors and created a mini-school for this improved program.Students will have access khổng lồ well-equipped classrooms with moderngiải pháp công nghệ, & phukienotocaocap.com will partner with institutions lượt thích Cheyney andDrexel Universities & the Community College of phukienotocaocap.comdelphia toexp& our capađô thị to lớn deliver education services.

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phukienotocaocap.com has changed tremendously. It is doing things differently toproduce exceptional results. The new phukienotocaocap.com is building better lives,starting at trang chủ. It is looking to lớn the future và the promise andopportunities that it holds for people who are willing to lớn work hardvà play a meaningful role in uplifting their own lives.

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